Graduate Intern Experiences

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We are currently recruiting for our Summer 2024 Graduate Interns through the NODA Internship Program - Review the Position Description and Apply through the NODA Internship Portal by January 19th, 2024

These staff members assist our office with our summer orientation programs. As a result of this hands-on and rewarding experience, graduate interns will understand how a large state university with five campuses and an incoming student population of 7,000+ functions. Graduate interns will assist with training, supervision of student staff, facilitating main stage presentations, overnight housing duty, and behind the scenes logistics for the program. Check out what some of our past staff members have shared about their time working for our office, experience in NJ, and takeaways:



"My time at Rutgers was everything I didn't know I needed and more. From my first day with the NSOFP team, I felt so incredibly welcomed and ready to take on the summer. As someone who is originally from Alaska, I was nervous about the transition to New Jersey, but despite the humidity, I would recommend it to everyone. They have crafted a well-oiled orientation program that is beyond intentional for both the students and families coming into the university. One of my favorite highlights from the summer was everyone (Prostaff and student staff) going to Stuff Yer Face for food after orientation sessions ended. The laughter was flowing 24/7 with this O-team! I especially got close to the staff and had built in friends to go into the city, trips to the beach, or local concerts with. I found myself exploring all over and made trips to Princeton, and the surrounding states. This experience was the highlight of my career, and I still reflect back on it. The NSOFP team also focused heavily on my professional development and I found myself taking on new tasks that I hadn't tackled before. I grew immensely, personally and professionally, from this experience."


"Upon my arrival, the prospect of leading the Orientation Leaders and Orientation Coordinator training just a week into my role was initially daunting. However, the unwavering support and clear guidance from the professional staff, including John, Laura, and Aisling, quickly dispelled any concerns. Their mentorship not only equipped me with the necessary knowledge for the job but also fostered a collaborative and inclusive environment.

Beyond the professional realm, the team at Rutgers went above and beyond to create a sense of community. Engaging in conversations over dinner, exploring the local area, and building personal connections with colleagues helped integrate me into the New Brunswick community seamlessly.

Working with the Orientation Leaders and Orientation Coordinators was a highlight of my experience. Their vibrancy, friendliness, and diverse backgrounds enriched my understanding of student affairs. Participating in their late-night excursions, albeit to the Rutgers Cinema one too many times, became cherished memories that energized me during the long orientation days. Witnessing their growth and development throughout the summer was a truly special and rewarding aspect of my role.

Having spent my entire life in Ohio, the opportunity to live on the East Coast for the summer was a thrilling adventure. Exploring diverse activities, from climbing Mt. Tammany to attending the New Jersey Festival of Ballooning and experiencing Broadway shows in New York, provided a perfect balance to the intense workdays. Few weekends went by without a new and exciting place to explore."


"My experience working with the Office of Student Orientation and Transition Programs was nothing short of phenomenal. During my time with the program, I was able to connect with countless individuals with a shared passion for helping students and their families in their transition into Higher Education. I gained great insight into what it takes to run a successful Orientation program, a deeper understanding of the Student Affairs field, and skills that will continue to support me in my professional career.

A major highlight of my experience was the profound sense of community within the program and the lasting connections I made. Although plenty of connections were made on the clock, most of the cherished memories that kept me motivated throughout the summer were made off the clock. From excursions into NYC, to exploring restaurants on George St. in Downtown New Brunswick, to staying in and having potlucks with roommates and neighbors, there was never a shortage of bonding experiences to be had. I have truly found some of my closest friends through my time working with the SOTP team."


"This summer was the best experience I’ve had in my collegiate experience. Working for SOTP was the professional experience I was looking for at this stage in my academic and professional development. I was able to adopt a lot of new skills while also showing my strengths in a healthy environment. 
I was able to try a lot of the local restaurants and bars with my fellow grad interns and colleagues. Fat Cactus and the Stress Factory were my favorite locations of the summer.
I was able to leave the program with a reliable network of colleagues and mentors that I still keep in contact with. I also still talk to my mentee and color team members and I know that those relationships will continue to be fostered in the coming years."


"Serving as a Summer Intern for Rutgers Student Orientation and Transition Programs was an incredibly rewarding experience. I was pushed to grow and develop while being empowered to make decisions and take ownership of my work. I was exposed to various different facets of higher education during my time as a summer intern. I was supported every step of the way and encouraged to learn in every moment. I always knew that I had a great team of leaders behind me to guide me through any challenges and enable me to accomplish the goals that I set for myself at the beginning of the summer.

Checklist of must-do things while spending the summer in NJ
- Visit the Jersey shore. Jersey has great beaches and boardwalks, not too far from New Brunswick. My favorites are Asbury Park, Seaside Park, Long Beach Island, and Atlantic City.
- Go hiking. There are some great parks and nature in the area. I recommend trying to conquer Mt. Tammany at the Delaware Water Gap.
- Go see a Broadway show. You can hop on a train into NYC from the New Brunswick train station and have a great day trip in the city.
- Go to a concert. There are some awesome nearby venues like the NJ State Theater, Starland Ballroom, PNC Bank Arts Center, and the Stone Pony Summer Stage.
- Eat in downtown New Brunswick. From all-you-can-eat sushi (Sakana) to delicious burgers (Diesel and Dukes) to great Mexican food (Fat Cactus) to killer ramen (Ramen Nagomi); New Brunswick has a very diverse spread of fantastic restaurants. 
- Go to a sporting event. Baseball and soccer seasons are in full swing during the summer months. Yankee Stadium, Citi Field (Mets), Citizens Bank Park (Phillies), Red Bull Arena (New York Red Bulls), and Subaru Park (Philadelphia Union) are all within a couple of hours away.

Rutgers New Student Orientation is a massive undertaking but truly one of the most fun, rewarding, and fulfilling things I have ever gotten to be a part of. You will be welcomed with open arms into a caring community with students and staff who are a joy to be around, making coming to work truly fun every day."


Students who are applying to the Ed.M. in College Student Affairs (CSA) program at the Graduate School of Education, have the opportunity to join our office as a CSA Intern throughout their two years in the program and sometimes offer a Field Experience to students interested in the spring semester.

Provides support to the student transition programs throughout the academic year. The graduate intern will play a key role behind the scenes in planning, implementing, and assessing large-scale programs. Graduate interns will assist/oversee social media/marketing, transition initiatives, OLumni, summer planning/preparation, and recruitment/selection efforts for our office. Check out what some of our past staff members have shared about their time working for our office and takeaways:


"Working as a Field experience intern at Student Orientation and Transition Programs was a transformative experience for me. As an undergraduate student, I was also connected to the work of orientation; however, this was my first experience working in this functional area as a graduate student. My supervisors truly valued the experiences and expertise I obtained from working in orientation as an undergraduate student and my experiences working in Residence Life. I valued this connection I made with my supervisors because it showed that they cared for my growth and development within the field of student affairs. Working in this office helped me realize that I am passionate about student development and modeling environments for students to succeed. One of the biggest lessons my supervisors challenged and taught me was to use my experiences and knowledge and speak up in staff meetings. Although I am a graduate student, the professionals in this office showed me that I have a unique experience and expertise that must be valued and shared with other professionals. As a whole, I truly appreciate the connections I made with the professionals at Student Orientation and Transition Programs and how they helped me grow as a professional." 


"Working for Student Orientation and Transition Programs at Rutgers has been an incredibly enriching experience. Since day one, the SOTP office has curated a community that has helped this space feel like a second home. As an aspiring professional in student affairs,  I am very grateful to be surrounded by leaders who support me and help me reach my potential in this field. Being trusted with tasks and projects has pushed me to grow outside of my comfort zone and has given me transferable skills that can and will be applied to many areas within student affairs in the future. The connections I have made on this team of highly driven and motivating individuals has enhanced my graduate experience in a plethora of ways, and I will be indebted to this role for years to come."