As an incoming student, you will have lots of questions. We have listed some of the most common questions we receive. If you still have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us by email us at transition@echo.rutgers.edu or by calling our office at 848-445-0572.

Have a Question About Campus Tours or Visiting the Campus?

Please visit the Admissions Office website to find the most accurate and up-to-date information.

FAQs Before Signing Up

What is the cost of New Student Orientation?

All incoming undergraduate first-year, transfer and international students on the New Brunswick campus will be assessed a new student fee on their term bills. This fee covers the cost of orientation and transition programs, resources for new students during the first year at Rutgers University. All new students are expected to attend orientation and transition events. This fee will be assessed regardless of attendance at orientation and transition events.

All new students will see a New Student Fee on their Term Bill.

What is the rescheduling/cancellation policy?

You may change your session on the myRutgers dashboard up to 1 week prior to your scheduled Orientation. Within 1 week of your scheduled orientation session, you may notify us via email at transition@echo.rutgers.edu and we will do our best to accommodate you. Cancellations must be emailed directly to transition@echo.rutgers.edu. Please include the student’s name, RUID number, date of Orientation, and reason for cancellation.

Is new student orientation mandatory?

All students are expected to register for and attend New Student Orientation. At orientation, students have a chance to practice all of the new things they experience during the first week of classes. Getting off to a great start at Rutgers is much easier when students know where to go, how to get there, where to eat, where to study, and who to ask for help. All of these things happen at New Student Orientation.

Students who are restricted by an F-1 or J-1 visa from entering the U.S. more than one week before classes begin have a special International Student Orientation. For more information about this orientation please click here.

Does it matter which orientation session I attend?

Certain academic schools and programs host a focused part of their orientation during First-Year Orientation. These Academic Sessions are highlighted on the myRutgers dashboard for students admitted into those various programs. We strongly encourage students to attend an orientation where their school is represented.

What if I cannot make It to orientation?

We provide a variety of sessions to accommodate the busy schedules of our new students. If you are unable to attend one of our summer orientation sessions due to an insurmountable hardship, please email us and we will assist you with finding a solution. Vacations, summer jobs, and other obligations are important, but New Student Orientation helps students prepare for a successful college career, and in the long run, is a great investment of time for both new students and their families.

Why do I need a Rutgers ID card

All new Rutgers University – New Brunswick students are expected to upload a photo, according to established guidelines, in order to obtain their Rutgers ID Card. The Rutgers ID card is used for access to facilities such as health centers, residence halls, recreation centers, career fairs, libraries and dining halls.  It is also used for identification for classes, exams, as well as the Knight Mover, and it can be used as a debit-card, if funds are loaded, for books, food, etc.

To upload a photo, please log into your myRutgers Dashboard and click on Rutgers ID Card on your checklist. From there, follow the instructions on the screen to upload your photo, ensuring you have the appropriate background and other photo criteria. Upon submission, you will receive an automatic confirmation of your photo being received. Once your photo has been approved, you will receive an additional confirmation email and a green check mark will appear on the myRutgers Dashboard.

When do I do advising? 

Depending on your school, you will either be registering for your courses, participating in course planning so your advisor can register you for your classes, and/or understanding your School's course program. Students should reach out to their academic school for more information. A list of school contact information can be found on here. Please Note: Students who are undeclared are considered to be a part of the School of Arts and Sciences. 

FAQs After Signing Up

How long Is orientation?

The Rutgers University First-Year Summer Orientation Program is a two day session (with one overnight stay in the residence halls) that provides essential information sessions, introduces concepts of college culture, and assists students in navigating buses, buildings, services and resources available on the five campuses in New Brunswick and Piscataway. Check-in begins at 8:15am. Students begin the day with their orientation leader after check-in. Parents and Family Orientation begins at 8:15 AM and ends at 5:00 PM. Students will be finished with orientation by 5:25 PM on the second day.

Transfer/Non-Traditional Orientation begins with check-in at 9:45 AM and will end by 5:30 PM.

What should I wear to orientation?

Dress is casual during orientation. Please be sure to bring comfortable shoes as we will be walking between programs. Outside temperatures can vary wildly. During the temperatures can be in the 80s – 90s, during Winter Sessions we have seen weather from 40 degrees to the teens. Indoors the Livingston Student Center and other campus buildings will be heated or air conditioned depending on the time of year. Some rooms in buildings can be quite chilly due to the air conditioning so please be prepared. Also please be sure to bring an umbrella in case it happens to rain during your session.

What should I bring?

For a list of what types of items to bring please click here

I am arriving a day early. Where can I stay?

For safety and maintenance reasons students arriving prior to their registered orientation date will not be able to move-in early. However, some local hotels have special rates for incoming students staying for orientation.