Welcome Week 2022 - September 1-10

Welcome Week

Thank you for joining us for our 2022 Welcome Week programs.  We look forward to continuing to welcoming, preparing, and engaging you throughout the academic year.  Below are some key resources for you to utilize as you continue to transition and explore your Rutgers community.


It’s THE place to find information on the more than 700 student clubs and organizations at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. In addition to finding groups of interest to you – search by category or group name! – you can find a list of upcoming events. Get started at getINVOLVED.rutgers.edu.

Student Success Website

Ensure you have the foundation in place to be successful. The Success Essentials website will help you explore opportunities for financial assistance, meet your academic needs, stay healthy, and be safe

Please feel free to reach out if there are questions or curiosities at welcomeweek@rutgers.edu.